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About Us

The main purpose of MyPCMyWayand it’s 6 websites is to build the largest Online Community of computer users.  Our goal is to enable users to find solutions to their computing issues.  This includes hardware/software choices for their systems as well as finding workable solutions to problems.  One way to get more from your system is in the exploration of alternative Operating Systems.  This site will focus on showing users that Linux is not only a viable choice as their Operating System; but, quickly becoming a preferable one. 

Linux can be installed as a standalone system or as a dual-boot with existing Windows® platforms or other Linux Distributions.  Dan and I have been using PC’s since the early 90’s when we bought our first IBM clone computer.  It only used floppies and didn’t have a hard drive.  I have been building desktop systems for my family and friends for over 10 years now.  Dan just recently left a major computer manufacturer after 12 years.  We both hold Bachelor Degrees in Business from LSU-Shreveport and we are members of the Computer Club of Austin.

Currently, we have 5 websites:,;; &

MyPCMyWay™ is a registered Business in the State of Texas and holds ownership rights to the name MyPCMyWay™.  We plan to trademark this name and incorporate at a future date.  We are claiming the registration rights we hold to our business name and spelling of MyPCMyWay™ here and on our family of Websites!

****We are NOT affiliated with Microsoft®, and we did not authorize the use of our Business Name/Specific spelling as part of their next Operating System (OS) despite “leaks” that included “My PC My Way” as part of that OS!  These “leaks” started appearing online MONTHS AFTER we registered our business and started building our online presence.****

While we will attempt to offer limited support and/or reviews of their OS, our main Passion and reason for our business is in showing users the benefits of using a “FREE” Operating System on their computers.  We strongly believe that a Linux Operating System  can be used either as a complement and troubleshooting tool OR as an entire replacement for the current proprietary PC Operating System.  My favorite Linux Distribution is openSUSE and I have been using it for YEARS.  In my experience, it has the best “transition value” when moving from the two other mainstream systems.  Many of my friends use Kubuntu (my hubby has this on his laptop).  Again, there are many Linux Distributions available to choose from such as openSUSE, Fedora (Red Hat), Ubuntu/Kubuntu (interface preferences), etc.  Why not find out more and see if Linux is an option you want to exercise!

We invite you to visit our family of websites linked above, and our Blog to assist in issues you might be experiencing.  Please feel free to e-mail us with questions you would like to see answered on our website or in this blog (  I will do my best to answer e-mail requests in a timely manner.  I do have a “day” job; so, it may be the weekend before I get a chance to respond.

As we gain the ability to go full into MyPCMyWay™ as an 8 hour per day undertaking (investors/supporters welcome :0), the content on our sites/Blogs will hopefully improve and increase to a level of being one of the largest self-help based tech support resource on the internet!  That is the Dream!


Dan Letourneau, B.S. & Lita Letourneau, B.S.

 Our Sites:

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