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Installing and upgrading software

Be sure to always do custom installs. Default and express installs install extra software (bloatware) and often change your browser home page. See example below.

a href=””img title=”20140613_093302.jpg” class=”alignnone size-full” alt=”image” src=”” //a

I had to click custom install and un check the express extra install and changes to just get the software I intended to install…this is how some developers help with costs. They “wrap” their software with software they are paid to include in their installs…today’s tip…ALWAYS do customer installs even though it’s a few more clicks. Happy summer computing.

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Be on alert for Ransomeware!

Check out this page from the Federal Trade Commission…be safe everyone and BACK IT UP!

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Watch for added installs!






If you look at the install screen to the right, you are presented with an install or upgrade screen for ZoneAlarm Free.  The screen indicates you must check the two options and click agree to install….check out the second pic below the first one…




By clicking “cancel” and going back to the previous screen to install, you can bypass the additional software being automatically installed.





The picture to the right has “skip all offers” in tiny print right above the Check Point to the bottom left (Where I have placed my cursor)…




By clicking on skip all offers, you can install or upgrade WITHOUT installing additional software you didn’t want.




NEXT, click Yes when you see the following screen





Setup will continue and ask to shut down your browser to finish.  If you have tabs you want open, shut down the browser manually or click OK to finish installing.


If you don’t want to restart your system immediately,  click No and shut down open programs and manually restart.  If you want the installing program to restart your system, click “Yes”.


When installing or upgrading your software, look for added installs.  Increasingly, Software companies (paid and free) are “wrapping” their software in third party software to help pay costs.  If you are like me and DON’T want additional software installed on your system, take control by using advanced install and don’t rely on default which will install software you didn’t ask for or even know is being installed on your system!

Today’s tip — do an advanced install instead of the “default” install that takes the option out of opting out of unwanted installs!  Happy computing…

Till next time, your computer your way is why MyPCMyWay™ exists…Lita

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Transfer files from your smartphone to your pc :0)

A great program to transfer files (photos/videos, etc.) from your smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S4) to your home PC is ES File Explorer. I use it to access many of my files in addition to the MyFiles Folder/manager for my Samsung Galaxy S4. The disappointment with my Galaxy over my previous HTC EVO 4G is that the HTC would mount as a drive when I connected via USB. I loved this feature of the HTC and while I adore my Samsung, I really miss this feature! I am using ES Explorer as I write this to transfer my pics/videos to my PC over my home network (LAN) by using WI-FI. I have a 32GB sd card that I fill up regularly with my phone (pictures/videos of my kids activities); so, transferring to my pc is a must. Why not try ES File Explorer for your Smartphone today.

Until, next time, Happy Computing :0)


P.S. Thank you to all my new blog folowers!

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Spring Break means spring cleaning–good for your pc, tablets and phones too!

Yes, it’s Spring Break week and time to do some housecleaning! While cleaning my house this week, I also plan to do maintenance on our family PC’s (5), my daughter’s Android Tablet and check our 4 Android phones for updates. Great time to back up those photos I’ve been taking all school year to removable media (CD/DVD/USB). With prices dropping on USB storage (16GB or 32GB), they are great alternatives to DVD backups and take up less space. I’m now using one to transfer KickStart Kids® videos of my daughter for school!

Hope your Spring Break is fun and productive if you decide to clean up your electronics too!

Till next time,


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blog using our Business Name, MyPCMyWay™

Found a blog using our Business Name, MyPCMyWay™

While Google searching for our Business Name, MyPCMyWay™ I found

WOW, I have a blogspot account??? NO WAIT, I DON’T have a blogspot account with Google®.  In 2009, my husband and I REGISTERED the Business Name MyPCMyWay™ in Texas (10 year ownership rights).  We currently control  the best Domain names associated with MyPCMyWay™; so, how can Google let someone other than us register the blog name MyPCMyWay™???

We have been very vocal and upfront about our INTENT to Trademark MyPCMyWay™ in the future and we are aware that by Registration (10 year ownership) we are AUTOMATICALLY granted Common Law Trademark status which gives us time to Federally register our Trademark in the future as we grow our company.

The “Other” blogger is also offering computer Tips (wow, it’s like he read our website for what to include with HIS “My PC, My Way”– Wonder if I could change the spelling of another FAMOUS software company and use THEIR name in a blog????

I have sent him a facebook message inquiring about his “ethical” and “legal”choice of a Blog site title/URL. I have also posted to Google’s Blogger Forum where I was basically told “too bad” and that I could ask him to give me the URL…give me rights and usage to the name I already OWN????

In fairness, I did contact Google via Facebook this morning to privately message them about the issue as well (hoping they see that the blog could be mistaken for our Business and is eerily similar to our MyPCMyWay™).  Here’s hoping that he will change his URL to “Your PC Your Way” or something NOT including our Business Name and therefore deceiving those following his blog to MISTAKE his association to the REAL MyPCMyWay™ blog and family of websites!  Wonder if it matters that he lives in INDIA????

Upcoming Small Businesses be careful (Hello, Mr. President)–watching to make sure your IP is protected even with Common Law Trademark Status is an apparent  FULL TIME job  How many NEW Small Businesses do YOU think will jump in if they can’t afford to Trademark/Copyright IMMEDIATELY upon their business creation if this can very easily happen and they are told “quit whining or too bad or beg the other person to give you what you already own”–Would YOU be upset if this happened to YOUR Business????  As a struggling Small Business Owner, we are just fighting to keep our Business OURS.  We DID pay a Registration fee and MyPCMyWay is a Sole Proprietorship Registered in the State of Texas (Common Law Trademarked to us).

Thank you for continuing to support MyPCMyWay™ by visiting our blog and websites…I plan to upload videos for software installs in the near future and hopefully spend a considerable amount of time posting/blogging in 2013. In the meantime, feel free to e-mail us if you have a specific computer issue that you would like for us to help with!

Happy Computing,

Dan & Lita


P.S.  If you are an Attorney specializing in Trademark Registrations and would like to help a Struggling Small Business owner protect their dream, we would greatly appreciate any Pro Bono help :0)

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