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Prior Posts!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Welcome to MyPCMyWay…

You have reached the “Member’s” site of the MyPCMyWay domains.  If you are a member, please log in.  Topics covered on the Member’s site can range from building your own computer (desktop) to installing an Operating System (OS).  We will discuss differences between open source software (Linux,, Gimp, AVG Antivirus, K3B, etc.) and proprietary software (Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Norton Antivirus, Roxio, etc.).  We will also give advice on customizing your system through the use of themes, icons, logons, boot screens, screensavers and other fun programs. I have been downloading for 10+ years and I know many of the programs available for download and where to find them!

We will be attempting to use this site to build a database of knowledge that supports both open source and proprietary software applications and will be sharing the knowledge we have gained through trial/error over 10 years; use and the knowledge we garner from being members of the Austin Computer Club.  While we will try to support some proprietary software, our Main focus will be on open source as that means $0.  With everyone’s budget being tightened, we would like to share with you how we feel you can get the MOST from your computer for the LEAST!

If you haven’t decided to join yet, why not visit our sister “Free” site at for a sample of what the Member site will expand on?

5:28 pm est