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Microsoft® Tech support for Virus removal SCAM!

It’s that time again and the Microsoft® virus removal SCAM is making the rounds AGAIN!  Today, we received 4, yes 4, calls in 60 minutes from the same number (631-318-7105) with a caller ID of ITechAlert. Because we have a policy of NOT answering our phone for numbers we don’t recognize, I didn’t answer it. The first call today was @ 10:21am, call #2 @10:37am, call #3 @10:53am and call #4 @ 11:12am. Will I file a complaint with the FTC/FCC? Yes, I will; however, this is likely an illegal call and the phone number has more than likely been SPOOFED (not the actual number).

If you receive a call from a number you don’t recognize, DO NOT ANSWER IT! With the “Yes” can you hear me to get your voice recorded to run up debts in you name and these Microsoft® scams, it isn’t safe to answer our own phones anymore! The second thing you can do to help end some of these scams is to REPORT it at this link:

Also, post about it on your social media to get the word out. If nobody answers these calls, they can’t get your personal information or your $$$ (which is what they are after).  I always Google the number. A great place to check the number is A great indication the number is spoofed is only 1-4 pages on Google about the number.  Next, post on the FTC Facebook page to allow those checking there to know so they won’t answer and fall prey to the scammers :0)

Finally, join the fight to have our government push for UNLIMITED Blocking at the Carrier Levels! We were getting between 6-10 unwanted calls every day on our landline. Our provider only allows 10 blocked numbers. We finally broke down and purchased a Panasonic phone that blocks 250 numbers. It took us just over a year to max that out! So, now our options are spend more $$$ to purchase a second blocking device and piggyback the phone to allow blocking another 250 numbers or erase our phone and start over! What fun is it to own a phone, pay for that phone and NOT be able to use it! It’s apparently here for the pleasure of thieves and scammers who call all hours of the day and night! Our cells get the calls too! We are allowed 50 blocks on Sprint! I am constantly posting on the FTC FB to push for UNLIMITED Blocking at the carrier levels. This is the only way to start to curtail some of this illegal activity. Just recently, the FTC sued Dish Network for illegally calling those of us on the DNC (do not call) registry! This was the largest suit to date with a whopping $280 million dollar judgement! We were called daily by them for years! If you would like to read about it, here is the link:

I have kept a log of all incoming calls to our house since 2009. It’s a binder full and I’ll bet only 2 pages are calls we actually wanted from people we gave our number to! I will continue to fight against calls to my home that violate my rights.

Another number you may want to block is from 512-549-2516. A Google search on this number states this is an organization called “Venture Data Health Services.” IF this is actually them??? The number called from APPEARS to be from my local area; but, if you Google them, they are located in Utah. An interesting disclaimer was found on their website with regard to the DNC registry. Apparently, they are exempt and don’t have to abide by our wishes NOT to be contacted! Yes, we will all willingly give you our personal information because you CLAIM an exemption from DNC…um…NO! If anything, your little online disclaimer, “Venture Data L.L.C. is strictly a data collection company and does not engage in telemarketing or telephone solicitation of any kind. As such, Venture Data is exempt from adherence to the National Do Not Call Registry. Information regarding exempt status can be found at: ” will make me just angry enough NOT to EVER answer a call from you and certainly NOT give you the “data” you desire! As a courtesy to those you call without their consent, “As a courtesy to those who wish not to be contacted for telephone surveys however, we maintain a voluntary Do Not Call list internally. ” Well, I’ll just exercise MY RIGHTS Not to answer the phone, hang up on you if I do, report you to the DNC/FTC for violations (you see, I ACTUALLY have an outgoing message on my answering machine that states If I didn’t give you our number, you are requested by me to place our number on your DNC list). You would be surprised on how many call backs we get from those ignoring this; or, maybe you wouldn’t. This is why we usually don’t answer our landline anymore and opt for our machine. If it IS someone we invited to call, they will leave a message or we can answer then. Most who won’t leave a message fall into the category of those with alternative reasons for calling and we never speak to them anyway.

Hope us posting these numbers helps you stay safe when using your phones! Have a Fantastic weekend. I’m off to file several FTC complaints on unwanted numbers who can’t seem to understand they have been BLOCKED and will never speak to us :0)


Dan & Lita

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